1 can chickpeas (drained)
1/2 tbsp lemon juice
1/2 tbsp tahini
dash of salt and garlic powder
olive oil

Throw everything (except the olive oil) into a blender or food processor.  
Start blending and drizzle the olive oil in to get things moving.
Blend it until the hummus gets to the consistency you like (a little chunky or totally smooth).
There are lots of ways to eat hummus: a spread on a sandwich, dip for veggies or chips.
This is so easy I don't know why people spend a bunch of money on the store bought stuff that you have no idea what they actually put into it.


  1. I'm red-faced reading this because last time we had hummus it was the store bought kind...and I should know better. After all, you taught me how to make it. Now that I'm thoroughly chastised, I'll go back to making it myself :) LOVE YOU MORE


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