Story Time: Poppies

For the past 5 years, at the end of April or beginning of May my person (Grey's Anatomy reference) and I have made the journey out to a WWII British war cemetery.  If you didn't know it was there it would be very easy to miss the turn off, especially now that the new highway is open and speeds past the turn off.  The road is rutted and steep but leads to a beautiful view.  

It is a peaceful spot along a lake that, at this time of year, is surrounded by fields of poppies.

We always take a picnic lunch and sit in the shade of the abandoned building (not sure what it once was, some websites call it a church tower).  

We take the time to read the inscriptions on some of the markers and struggle to remember where our favorite epitaph is.

And we always take lots of pictures!

Photo Credit: KT 

See why going is the poppy fields is one of my favorite days of the year?


  1. I think that would be one of my favorite places too.


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