Friday Market

If you like fresh, seasonal, fruits and veggies you would be very happy here.  There are stands in every neighborhood.  It's as easy to run out and grab a bunch of bananas here as it is to run out and grab a Starbucks in the States.  

A lot of communities have weekly markets.  Every week an empty lot is transformed into a space packed with tables, fruits, veggies, and household items.  Generally the selection is slightly wider than what you might find in the everyday stands.  One of the most well known markets happens to be a 5 minute drive from my house.  Unfortunately it happens every Friday, so I'm only able to go when I'm on holiday.  Today was one of those days!

I am constantly in awe of how much I can buy for so little.  Today I got 10 cucumbers, one cabbage, a huge bunch of grapes, five peaches, four apples, four heads of garlic, three large red onions, and 20 carrots.  All of this for only $3.62!

Besides fruits and veggies you can get dried goods (beans, spices, canned food) and household items (plastic containers, dishes, cleaning supplies).  There's also a large section for secondhand clothing.

And sometimes you even see a celebrity from your favorite TV show!

Chedly Arfaoui from the show Bolice.  

I really enjoy the Friday market and wish I could go more!


  1. Such Fun! Next time I'm there, will you take me? MORE MORE MORE


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